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How to Get Noticed on Google Shopping

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November 22, 2016 . BY ua-ulture-a1

Many eCommerce businesses have never heard of Google Shopping and this paid search feature. They don’t even think about it, but if you’re already using conventional paid search you should use Google Shopping to sell your products. Additionally, you should use them in conjunction with each other for the best results.

But how should businesses use Google Shopping to get noticed?

Conform To Google Shopping Standards

Google is extremely fussy about the way you list products on this platform. That means you need to ensure all information is correct and that you have a correct product identifier, such as an ISBN. Additionally, it’s necessary to ensure that currency conversions between different markets are correct.

Get any of this wrong and there’s a good chance Google won’t list your product at all. Once you’ve done this in the Google Merchant Centre you should have Google AdWords and your shop all connected with Merchant Centre by association.

Work With Keywords Differently In Google Shopping

Keywords don’t work the same way in Google Shopping. Furthermore, if your product doesn’t appear in the first eight thumbnails when shoppers perform a search you’ll never get any traffic.

You still need to use keywords, but Google uses them to determine relevancy, rather than to telegraph which search queries people are using. You should use a series of regular search terms and negative keywords to define and refine your audience. This usually takes a few tries to get right, but using trial and error you should soon get results.

Figure Out Google’s Perspective

Google has made a move towards local ads recently. They want people to see shops in their area. For example, if you’re selling bicycles, you will always have a lower priority than stores in the searcher’s locality. Try to target your ads to a localised audience to give yourself a big advantage.

Think Ad Image Not Product Image

Whenever someone clicks on one of your ads they will find themselves on your product page. But these are not the same images. Your product page is important, however, take some time to concentrate on your ad image. Without a great ad image, you will never get people to click. Furthermore, you may not show up on the main thumbnails that appear on a customer’s screen whatsoever.

Establish Credibility Elsewhere

Google uses independent review websites to establish a merchant’s credibility. Additionally, they will give you a boost if you have been using the platform for an extended period of time. By increasing your organic SEO rankings and getting good reviews elsewhere you’ll increase your chances of appearing to more people.

Conclusion – Trial And Error

Bear in mind that Google Shopping is all about trial and error. Like any other paid search service, you’re going to have to experiment to get the results you want. That means you need to set aside a certain amount of money if you’re going to optimise the return on your investment.

Contact the experts at Ulture, and get noticed on the Google Shopping platform.

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