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Bing vs. AdWords

Bing Ads vs Google AdWords

January 22, 2017 . BY ua-ulture-a1

Paid search is the leading way to getting your business noticed online. Additionally, it’s never been easier to get into. There are so many tutorials online to take advantage of, and most paid search providers have simplified interfaces for the beginner.

But when you have Google AdWords and Bing Ads you have a big decision to make. Where should you spend your money if you’re looking to make a return?

The Advantages of Google AdWords

Google AdWords has existed since 2000. It’s the ultimate interface for anyone looking to get started with paid search. This is where you’ll find most of the competition. Furthermore, you must brace yourself for regular (and often undocumented) changes.

These are the main reasons why you should be using AdWords.

More Search Volume – Google is by far the biggest search engine in existence today. There are billions of searches every day. Moreover, you can expect to reach a far more diverse range of customers than with Bing. You have every chance of getting a new customer.

Extensions and Visibility – You have a greater number of advertising extensions on Google. Trying to sell your business in a couple of lines is hard. With ad extensions, you can get more visibility because you can better sell your business.

Easy to Manage – Between the two platforms AdWords gives you more simplicity. Bing Ads isn’t really a platform for beginners. Google has brought in many features and put them on a simple interface.

Why Should You Use Bing Ads Over AdWords?

For most people, Bing is the distant second when it comes to search engines. In addition, this leads to people dismissing it entirely. But before you do that bear in mind that it does come with a selection of advantages.

Lower Costs – The lack of competition means you can run the same ads on Bing that you have on Google and get lower costs. PPC costs are, on average, about half as expensive as they are on Google. This means you can make big savings on your online advertising efforts.

Work with Yahoo – Bing and Yahoo are partners. They use the same ad network. Advertise on Bing and you’re also paying to advertise on Yahoo. There’s less search volume, but you’re getting great value for money.

Good Customer Service – Bing Ads also comes with great customer service. Bing’s customer service reps are known all around for their ability to solve problems quickly without any hassle. This is great for the novice.

Should You Use Google AdWords or Bing Ads?

The truth is that you should use both and test out your ads. You might find you get a better return on one platform. Additionally, you’re potentially hitting an audience that doesn’t use Google any longer, so you can increase your returns by advertising on the same platform.

If you had to choose, you should go with Google AdWords. It’s the friendlier choice and it’s more flexible than Bing. But that’s no reason to discount Bing entirely.

Which platform will you use?

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