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Bedding in your New AdWords Campaign

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February 17, 2017 . BY Jon Burton

You’ve decided to launch a new AdWords campaign. What next? Often, clients are unsure what results to expect within the days and weeks that follow campaign launch. It’s not always a sprint from the very beginning. We make sure we set their expectations. Hopefully we can do the same for you.

A Waiting Game

We’ve launched your campaign. Now we wait. But for how long? This can vary somewhat. One thing is certain – patience is indeed a virtue when it comes to launching a new AdWords campaign. Typically, it can take weeks for a campaign to gain momentum.

Why, you may ask, is this the case? You’ve invested your money and selected the very best PPC management company for you. It’s quite right that you will want to see the fruits of their labour. Although Google is looking to profit from your campaign, it won’t be rushed.

Importantly, Google cannot rank a new AdWords campaign based on its Click-through rate (CTR). This alone represents the most important element of a campaign. It demonstrates how well tailored your adverts are. Instead, Google will rank your campaign on other factors, such as the keywords you have chosen. It will also look at your website performance, and whether your adverts are relevant to the web content they link to.

Until your campaign has proven its worth against these criteria, it won’t be displayed in place of other ads that already have. Google wants to make sure the top links will be clicked. After all, the higher the CTR, the more money for Google.

The First Few Days

Typically, you will see an initial ramp-up in activity within the first week after launch. You should then expect a delay of around 2-3 weeks before the campaign really starts to come through.

If, after 3-4 weeks, you still can’t see significant ROI on the horizon, chat to your Account Manager. They should already be looking at ways in which to adjust your keywords, ad groups or bids to maximise your ROI. They might discuss your budget with you, if they feel this would reap a significantly greater reward.

In essence, it’s normal for a new AdWords campaign to simmer before it comes to the boil. If you have any doubts after 3-4 weeks, don’t hesitate to chat these through with your Account Manager. AdWords can serve up some delicious rewards. The ingredients might just need some tweaking along the way.

Written by Jon Burton

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