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Once Upon a Time…

Our first exposure to Google AdWords was way back in 2002. Since then it’s undergone huge transformation. And we’ve been there every step of the way. AdWords is significantly more complex than it once was. Whilst the once ‘spammy’ impression of paid links has now all but gone, mastery of AdWords from the seller-side is altogether more complicated. What’s more, the CPCs (Cost-per-click) have seen major hikes too. These developments are only set to continue, and we are ready. We’ll keep adapting our services to continue delivering our clients with the results they have come to count on.

A Strong PPC Agency Will Deliver a Strong Campaign

With an outstanding PPC agency like Ulture come outstanding campaigns. Campaigns that protect your budget and up your ROI. They say you get what you pay for, but sometimes you simply get what your agency prioritises. Don’t let PPC results be an afterthought. In case you hadn’t already noticed, we live and breathe PPC. Let us take the wheel from here.

False economies; all too common

PPC is very easy to get wrong and self-managed PPC accounts are a false economy. All too frequently we see people trying to save a bit of cash by managing their own accounts. Seems reasonable, though doesn’t it? Well, yes it does, until they lose thousands of pounds doing all the wrong things. Sometimes the lesser trodden path can get you to where you want to be quicker. What might seem like a cost-effective investment can very quickly wring your budget dry. We don’t want that to happen to you.

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all services

The Ulture team know that off-the-shelf PPC campaigns simply don’t work. Sure, you might get some ROI, and it might seem like a good deal. We know different. Our experience shows us that only a bespoke and personalised campaign will reap the full reward of professional PPC management. No two clients are the same, and neither are their PPC needs. We take the time to look at your specific needs, and your specific niche, and how we can use that to our collective advantage.

“Fingers firmly on the pulse”

There’s no need for you to get bogged down trying to keep up with the latest news from Google. That’s our job. Because we’re so into digital marketing, we know about the newest evolutions before they even happen. We keep a keen eye on Google trends, so we can develop new ways tame the beast and benefit our clients. So, delete those email alerts and that RSS feed. We’ve got this.

Commercially clued-up; context is everything

We’re not just an agency, we’re business savvy too. Digital marketing can seem quite technical, and self-contained. Rest assured, we aren’t hidden away in a dusty room and we don’t have square eyes. We know what makes business tick. And importantly, we know where PPC comes in. It’s the bigger picture that makes our work rewarding.

What’s more, we pride ourselves on straightforward communication. We can take a technical concept and explain it simply. Just as we won’t baffle you with our world, we won’t be baffled by yours. It’s our business to know your business.

trust us, we’re experts

Our Experience

Quality, regardless of quantity
We’re experienced in handling tiny PPC campaigns, and mammoth PPC missions. We have the skills and resources to look after projects of any size. Regardless of our client’s budget, we know their PPC matters. We provide the same quality of service regardless.

ROI Focussed
We have the data analysis expertise to quickly identify what is effective, and what is not. We never launch a campaign and think our work is done. Some of our very best work is done in project analysis. This is where we get to monitor the fruits of our labour, and of your investment, and tweak the campaign to deliver optimum results.

Good chat
Contact us any time. We will always be happy to talk to you. Like we said, we won’t baffle you with jargon. And we won’t fob you off. We like to think our work is interesting, and if our clients are interested in what we do, well that’s just fine by us.

Value for Money

Most agencies charge around £600 per day + VAT
What’s more, they can’t guarantee how much of that time is spent on your specific account. At Ulture we do things slightly differently. We offer much more bang for your buck, and will dedicate an agreed amount of time, per day, to your account alone.

How can some agencies offer more for less?
We save money in other areas, so we don’t have to charge astronomical prices. For example, we don’t have a room full of sales advisors to pay for. We just concentrate on what we do best, and let our results do the talking.

How are Ulture different?
Most of our business comes from word-of-mouth, and so we don’t need a hefty sales and marketing team, or the salaries that come with it. Like a stick of rock, cut down the middle we say ‘PPC’. We keep it simple, and we keep it cost-effective.

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